Laurea Magistrale | Master's Degree
HPC Engineering


Admission criteria

To be admitted to the Study Course in High-Performance Computing Engineering, candidates need to have a Laurea Triennale in the following Degree Classes:
L7 (Civil and Environmental Engineering), L8 (Computing Systems Engineering), L9 (Industrial Engineering), L31 (Computer Science).

More generally, it is necessary to have a degree of at least three years’ duration, or obtained through the acquisition of at least 180 credits, of which:
• at least 20 credits related to the disciplinary-scientific sectors INF/01 or ING-INF/05;
• at least 20 credits related to the disciplinary-scientific sectors ranging from MAT/01 to MAT/09, and SECS-S/01;
• at least 10 credits related to disciplinary-scientific sectors ranging from FIS/01 to FIS/08.

The same criteria also apply to those applicants who have a university-level qualification obtained abroad, judged suitable by the Council of the Study Programme.

Automatic admission for students of Politecnico di Milano graduated from one of the continuity Laurea Triennale programmes (Ingegneria Informatica, Ingegneria Matematica, Ingegneria Elettronica, Ingegneria dell’Automazione, Ingegneria Fisica), having obtained at least 105 credits with an average weighted score of at least 24/30 by the Autumn examination session of the second year of study, and obtaining the degree after four years of study after first enrolment.

All students who are not automatically admitted, as well as candidates from other bachelor’s degrees of Politecnico di Milano or from other Universities, will be evaluated by a dedicated Admission Committee for HPC Engineering, which will decide for admission based on the candidate’s previous studies, the profit and adequacy of the knowledge considered essential to face the topics covered in the master’s degree programme.

In any case, admission may be subject to curricular integrations and/or constraints in curricular choices. Integrations are exams that are required to pass before enrolling in the Study Course. The constraints in the curricular choices are instead obligations or prohibitions on the individual study plan in the HPC Engineering Study Course. In case of admission, both the integrations and the constraints will be indicated at the same time as the results of the admission, such as to provide the information necessary for a transparent choice of the study plan.

An integral part of the verification of personal preparation is the adequate knowledge of the English language that must be certified, during the application for admission, through the achievement of minimum levels of score in the English proficiency tests recognized by Politecnico di Milano .

Degree Regulations

Application for Admission

All candidates (coming from Politecnico di Milano or from other academic institutions) must apply according to the specified procedures and deadlines set by Politecnico di Milano for the admission to Laurea Magistrale programmes.